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English has become the integral part of our lives and not knowing it limits a person in many ways. Contrary to old school beliefs, it is proven that the optional period for second language learning is the early age (around the age of 3). Researchers have proven that children 3-6 have a great potential to acquire enormous number of information especially when it comes to second language learning. The children who began learning English at the early age have less problems in other school subjects. They are like spounges, when it comes to both good and bad things (such as learning course words). When second language learning is in question, that is a great advantage. At the age of 3-6 foreign language is learned very easily. The most natural way is while playing and doing fun activities.

Teaching methods

Since there is no single method which can be regarded as the best method for everyone in all contexts, it can be said that none of the methods is superior to the others.We lean on Principled Eclecticism approach, deciding on the most suitable techiques and methodology for the specific learner. We don't follow one rigid method, instead of that we apply the Principled Eclecticism approach, which means fitting the method to the learner. The point of this method is to motivate and help learners become inspired to learn more. We choose activities that are suitable for different types of tasks.


  • Young and energetic philologist with a master degree.
  • Started learning English at the age of four, been a student of first philology class in Sabacka gimnazija.
  • Loves children and has a lot of patience.


Having been in love with English since the age of four, motivated me to create a place where children can also fall in love with it. Wonderland 015, studio of English, is a place for children 3-15 years old.

Our courses

In Wonderland 015 there are separate spaces for learning and playing. There are courses for the children from 3 to 6 years (kindergarden and preschool) and there are courses for 7-15 elementary school kids.

Kindergarden and preschool

1 class = 1 hour

You choose whether you want:
  • 2 classes a week
  • 3 classes a week
We work in small groups. Children should be seen as active learners who draw on their previous knowledge and things that are already familir to them. How are kids stimulated? By doing interesting things and playing games. Strategies that kids use to learn their native language can also be used to learn second language. Children need encouragement and praise. And we give them that. We use dynamic and modern approach, we lean on learning while playing (we learn while we cook or shop). Work on communication. Focus is also on social and motor skills. Each class is full of interesting activites which stimulate learning.

Elementary school

1 class = 1 hour

You choose whether you want:
  • 2 classes a week
  • 3 classes a week
We work in small groups. Work with teenagers can sometimes be challenging, so it is important to engage their attention. We choose fun topics, close to them, we work on conversation and communication, besides grammar. We find the best way to encourage their development. We stimulate them to love learning and to acquire new skills. The biggest problem is inspire children, interest them in English language and culture and we do it.

Why learn languages

'You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.'

'Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.'

'Tearning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.'

Our Location

Wonderland 015, Žike Popovića 37, 15000 Sabac

Call: + 381 64 549 7689

Email: wonderland015@yahoo.com

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